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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the power to improve the quality of our daily lives. When applied suitably AI can boost productivity and improve business operations. Interlace is making significant investment in the field of AI.

Online Portal for Building Permission

Interlace has developed a State-of-the-Art software application known as the Building Plan Scrutiny Engine (BPSE) to automate the scrutiny and approval process of building & layout plans.

i-Search (AI enabled)

Do you want to easily find full details about a product or a project in your file system, say want to know details of a project such as drawings, invoices, Purchase Orders, documentation then i-Search is your nifty tool! i-Search can seamlessly in one shot search text(s), even hand written texts, across  several different types of files such as  image format files, word files, excel files and PDFs.

Interlace MEDPharma ERP

Interlace MedPharma Enterprise Resource Planning System (MedPharma ERP) is a customized production management software.


Interlace Laboratory Management System (ILMS) is a highly efficient Laboratory Management Software

Mind Poll

Mind Poll is a mobile survey application which assists in gathering opinions and suggestions from each individual for organizational analysis.

Human Resources Management System

HRMS is a software application developed to unify HR management with a single, high-performing HRMS system.

Recruitment Portal

This software application enables automation of the entire hiring and on-boarding process for small, medium, large industries. This application can handle complex multi site requirements and reassignments.


Interlace Learning Management Solution is a software application developed for university or campus management.The solution encompasses all the modules needed for managing an university.


Interact - Total Revenue Management System (TRMS) is a solution that is suitable for the energy utility industry, it detects, rectifies and prevents the revenue leakage.


Highly scalable School Management System which helps in managing the day-to-day operations of a school.

IT Infrastructure Services

End-to-end infrastructure services from Interlace offer the expertise, know-how, and resources required to develop, run, and oversee a next-generation IT system.

Custom Software Development

Interlace’s forte is custom application development service with appropriate choice of latest technologies.

Mobile Application Development

Interlace offers best-in-class Mobile Application development services. Mobile App can be developed to provide solution in a swift manner for different situations and problems the clients are facing.

IT Consulting Services

Information Technology is a very dynamic field. Interlace has experts that constantly keep up with the rapidly changing IT field and we offer consulting services .

Professional Services

Interlace professional services can provide the client with reliable and efficient professionals to build their organization.

Cyber Security as a Service

Companies are increasing their spending for cyber security as data breaches and cyber attacks are on the rise globally. Not every company can have a full fledged in house security team. Interlace’s cyber security as a service offering is efficient and cost effective.


E-governance is about the use of information technology to raise the quality of the services governments deliver to citizens. Interlace is a big player in the e-Governance space.

iFILMS® | Expedition™ | Stem_Risk_Pipeline™

iFILMS® predicts internal localized pitting corrosion rate of carbon steel. Expedition™ predicts external localized corrosion rate as well as external Stress-Corrosion Cracking (SCC) rates of carbon steel. Stem_Risk_Pipeline™ is the one-stop solution to effectively and economically reduce the risk in pipelines.

Oil and Gas

Interlace offers comprehensive solutions for corrosion management in oil and gas industry.