e-Governance is the application of Information technology to connect or bridge the gap between government and citizens/common people. It enhances the range and quality of information and services provided to common people, businesses, entrepreneurs, civil society organizations and other government agencies in an efficient, cost-effective and convenient manner. e-Governance is making the government processes more transparent and accountable and it strengthens democracy. It provides variety of modern information and technologies for the government to improve efficiency, security, accessibility etc. . . .

Type of e-Governance

e-Governance facilitates interaction between different stake holders in governance such as G2C, G2B, G2E, G2G.

Government 2 Citizen

Government 2 citizen - G2C is transaction between government and citizens.

  • Basic citizens services such as online registration of birth/death/marriage/ certificates
  • Health Care, Education Services, Agriculture, Employment, Rights, Disaster Warnings etc
  • Filing of income taxes
  • Availability and accessibility of public services on the one hand and improvement of the quality of services

Government 2 Business

Government 2 business - G2B is transaction between government and Business.

  • Dissemination of policies, memos etc
  • Government rules and regulations
  • Business information
  • Vendors (providers of goods and services) – to seamlessly interact with the government
  • Application forms,  license renewals, Registration, payment of taxes

Government 2 Employee

Government 2 employee - G2E is transaction between government and Employee

  • Online conference for employee
  • Online training
  • Employee information

Government 2 Government

Government 2 Government - G2G is transaction between the central/national and local governments, and between government departments and agencies and organizations.

  • Records by state government
  • Schemes, plan, Initiatives

Use of e-Governance

for Government use

For Government

  • Assessing service delivery outlets and ensuring efficiency and transparency
  • Making the government process in a fast and secure Manner
  • Standardized MIS reporting systems to monitor the progress
  • Reduction of paper work to the barest minimum
  • Creation of centralized online grievance redressed mechanism for the citizens

for Private use

For Public

  • Make all government services accessible to common man
  • Satisfying the basic needs of a common man through online
  • Maintaining public records and Tax information online
  • Creation of centralized online grievance redressed mechanism for the citizens


The main challenges faced by the Government organizations with respect to IT adoption are

  • Providing the right services to citizens at the right time
  • Technological gap between the government and the citizens
  • Lack of Internet and technology penetration in to many interior regions
  • Identifying technological gaps and optimal resource utilization
  • Measuring performance and analysis of huge chunk of data produced every day

Interlace offerings

Interlace offers the end-to-end IT solutions for government sector and we have hands on experience in operating with government organizations. Interlace is also part of 3 mission mode projects out of 27 projects announced by NeGP.
We offer comprehensive ROI solution for e-Governance to reduce man work, paperless work, high security, cost saving etc. Interlace acts as a one stop shop that can provide you every service in the technological realm and it has the expertise to deploy it in the most efficient way.

Interlace Business Value

  • A solution for every challenge, Interlace acts as a consultant and collaborator to find the optimal solution for the challenges posed by the government organizations
  • We identify the technological gaps and give the right solution
  • Our solution in the Mizoram government’s e-payment was widely acclaimed as a problem solver solution rather than a technological solution
  • Our approach to the challenge is more strategic and task oriented
  • Interlace has proven track record to provide vast experience in operating with government organizations
  • Our rich solutions provided to our major clients like KSRTC, Kolkata Metro, Government of Mizoram and ICF stand as prime examples of our inherent domain expertise
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