IT Infrastructure services

Enterprise Computing & Cloud Services

Enterprise Computing & Cloud Services

The modern era Intel powered systems drive innovation and run business critical workload efficiently. We provide the services with a range of customization for customer demanding cloud, high performance computing (HPC) and business critical workload. Also, we design the infrastructure ready for IT transformation by adopting advent technologies such as Software defined Storage, Virtualization, IoT, Data analytics and Big data.

End User Computing

Myriad of end computing devices transform the IT work force and business in the modern cloud era. The responsibility of managing workforce efficiency is directly coupled with offering uninterrupted good service. Our End user computing solution enables workforce transformation, simplified environment, higher user satisfaction and provides consistent efficiency with strengthened security in your workplace, followed by “engaging with right alignment and enabling the right services always”. We bundle with supply, installation and support services for tablets, laptops, desktops, workstations, thin clients and Industry specific IOT devices.

Cloud & Data Centre Services

Our engineered, hyper converged data center services empower innovation tied up with new technologies that accelerate business transformation into the digital era. In the modern age, the heart of the IT infrastructure is optimized by preventive support and automated services for providing always available, accessible and secure IT infrastructure. The state of the art software defined data center services are providing a dynamic response to the advent technologies such as mobility, Cloud applications, big data, IoT & analytics.

Our comprehensive in-house deployment service suite includes

  • Data Center Consulting
  • Data Center Design
  • Data Center Implementation
  • Data Center Migration
  • Data Center Consolidation
  • Data Center Colocation and Maintenance

Cloud – “Ready to deploy it”

Our simplified and automated data center service approach ensures scale up and scale out architecture that enables your applications with a “ready to deploy it” mode to tap into new businesses quickly. The “ready to deploy it” mode is classified as

  • IaaS - DC service, Compute, Storage, Backup
  • PaaS – Web, App and DB Tiers (Microsoft & Open Stacks)
  • SaaS – Industry specific ERP, HRMS, Inventory Management, etc


x86 powered compute nodes are designed for great performance with high density configuration and also its outstanding performance and reliability will address the challenges in business critical workloads.


Virtualization provides agile and flexible work environment to reduce the capital and operational expenses and also it minimizes the downtime that enables business continuity and increase IT productivity. We offer desktop virtualization, server virtualization and also we offer solution for light weight portable docker containers.

Storage and Data Backup

Data management is a magic word in today’s business world that builds transformation in all vertical and arranges a path for rapid success. We align with Industry leaders for enterprise storage, backup and recovery solution; also understands your business demands before offering the custom services. Therefore, our customer services are more flexible with scale-out scale-up approach that enable your environment to store, protect, manage and access your precious data at any cost, at any time from any place in a secure way.

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